Earl W. Hood


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Creative and versatile individual with recognized experience in SGML/XML, Web and Internet technologies. Experienced in distributed application design and development in Java, Perl, and C; Unix system administration; and GUI development. Maintain a variety of free software applications used by hundreds of users throughout the world. Proven ability to learn quickly and become an expert in a variety of technologies. Skilled at producing quality work with limited resources.


Programming/Computer Languages:
Bourne shell script, C (ANSI, K&R), CSS, Java, JavaScript, MS-DOS/Windows batch script, Perl (4 & 5), some Python, some SQL, some UML, some VBScript, XPath, XSLT
Computer Protocols:
Document Languages:
XML, HTML, SGML, Docbook, Frame Maker Interchange Format (MIF), S1000D, some nroff/troff
Programming Libraries:
Dojo, DOM, Java Servlet API, JavaBeans, JAXP, JDK 1.2 and later, JFC/Swing, JSP, Log4j, SAX,
Operating Systems:
HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, Windows.
Ant, Apache HTTP Server, CVS, IzPack, FrameMaker, IIS, Linux iptables, Lucene, (GNU) make, Saxon, sendmail, subversion, Tomcat, XDesigner, XEP, Xerces-J,

Open Source Projects

Creation and contribution of open source software since 1993, including:

Provided updates and fixes to Perl-based SGML/XML DTD parsing tool originally developed by Norman Walsh.
Creator of Perl-based program for web-based searching and viewing of Unix/Linux manpages.
Creator and maintainer of one of the top free web-based email archivers, recognized in several publications and used by numerous web sites.
Contributed patches to the nmh mail handling system.
Creator of a collection of Perl-based tools for parsing and analyzing SGML DTDs.
Creator of Perl module to allow a Perl program to run as a Unix/Linux daemon process.
Creator of Perl module for binding Perl structures to a text file, with its primary use for supporting HTML templates for CGI-based programs.
XML Commons Resolver
Provided patches to support Windows drive-letters in pathnames, recognition of xml.catalog.verbosity if CatalogManager.properties is not used, and proper setting of systemID of InputSource during SAX parsing of XML catalog files.

* Software available at <http://www.mhonarc.org/release/>.

Job History

Independent Software Consultant

Various consulting services, including product development, web application development, technical and electronic publication, content management, and open source software.


EPS Corporation
PBM Associates, Inc:

RSI Content Solutions:

RSuite custom solutions development: Workflows, action handlers, web services, and UI customizations.


Provide strategic recommendations in improving and managing XML-based authoring and publishing environment · Enhance and maintain Docbook-based XSLT transforms for PDF and HTML publications · Re-designed and re-implemented conversion process from older FrameMaker+SGML-based documents to Docbook-based XML documents, improving the conversion process time by over 4,000 percent.


Produced a 150+ page developer's guide documenting HP's custom Adobe FrameMaker+SGML 6.0 authoring environment: EDD analysis, localization procedures, custom third-party plugins analysis, including compilation and installation · Provided strategy recommendations for upgrading to FrameMaker 7.0 and the transition from SGML- to XML-based authoring · Provided advise on graphics authoring and conversion.

Senior Architect

Goodmail Systems, Inc

Software Engineer

Language Computer Corporation

Provided guidance and effort in the porting of research, academic-oriented work into commercial, production quality work · Designed and developed C++ API for a Question & Answering product that uses natural language processing · Developed and maintain C/C++ utility library for use within LCC products · Established source code management respository using CVS and a collection of Perl scripts I developed to automate source code management tasks · Developed (GNU) makefiles for managing the compilation of projects for multiple programming languages: C/C++, Java, Perl.

Web Applications Architect

Texas Instruments

Senior Software Engineer


Software Engineer

Lucent Technologies/Quadritek

Senior Information Analyst

Reed Technology and Information Services Inc.


B.S. in Information & Computer Science from the University of California in Irvine.
C++ · Eliot Kimber's HyTime course · Introduction to Rational Rose/C++ Using UML · Java · Java Swing and XML Programming · Microsoft Access · NetGravity · Object-Oriented Analysis & Design with C++ · Omnimark Programming I & II · Practical Formatting Using DSSSL · Project Management · Sapphire/Web · TogetherSoft Java Workshop · X/Motif


Work has been included or recognized in several publications and web sites:

Summary | Skills | Open Source Projects | Job History | Education | Recognitions

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