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README for MHonArc/contrib

  The files in this directory are contributed by others and are not
  directly supported by the MHonArc development team.  They are
  provided AS-IS and on the terms specified by the contributers

CONTENTS of directory:
---------------------------------------------------------------------------	Contributer: Gunnar Hjalmarsson, mailbox(AT)

		CGI program for maintaining MHonArc archives.  Its
		intended for users that utilize a web hosting service
		that does not provide shell access.

		Documentation in POD format included in the source.
		HTML version is available at

		Latest version of script is available at

---------------------------------------------------------------------------	Contributer: Anthony W, anthonyw(AT)

		A utility for converting MHonArc html archives into
		pseudo mbox format.

		See script source code for configuration information.

		NOTE: Original location of this script is no longer
		valid.  A version has been included here for the
		benefit of MHonArc users.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------	Contributer: A.R. Burgers, burgers(AT)

		Supply missing Date: and From: fields to mailboxes.

		Documentation in POD format included in the source.
		Use the pod2* utilities provided with Perl to convert
		POD documentation into desired format.

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