How does threading work?

MHonArc utilizes the References and In-Reply-To fields of mail messages for generating threads. It is up to the mail user agents (MUAs) to define these fields. The References field is normally utilized by news software, while In-Reply-To is normally utilized be e-mail software.

In v2.0 and later, MHonArc will also check message subjects for threads. Hence, if the MUA fails to include the reference message ID, MHonArc will still group messages of the same subject together (utilizing the message date for thread order).

Why isn't threading working for me?

In versions prior to v2.0, If the mail you archive does not contain References and In-Reply-To fields, MHonArc will not detect a thread, even though there are messages that are follow-ups to existing messages.

How can I get my MUA to define the References or In-Reply-To field?

The answer varies depending on your MUA. You'll need to look at the documentation of your MUA to find the answer.

For MH users, the following in your replcomps file will work:

%<{date}In-reply-to: Your message of "\

Or, you can use the following if you prefer the References field format:

%<{message-id}References: \
%<{references}%(void{references})%(trim)%(putstr) %>

Author welcomes feedback from users on how to configure other MUAs.


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