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Re: [dkim-ops] dkim key "x=" expiration tags -- not in wide use, or need additional config?

2018-01-01 22:44:14
it's the delay between signing and DKIM verification, which is not the
same thing.

yep. my bad.

might take minutes or hours or in some cases even days to be delivered,
particularly when there are multiple relays between sender and final
x= assertion says anything useful.

Fair enough. But that's simply a choice. And not necessarily an uninformed

The 'insight' comes, admittedly, from subjective, not quantitative,
policy.  Hours, even a day or so, doesn't say too much. A "week+", on the
other hand, still far less than the planned rotation expiry, is suspect
enough for me to see some value in rejection.

Again, just a choice.  Dead horse ...

sorted enough for my needs.
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