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Re: [fetchmail] bug in 6.1.2 regarding broken headers

2002-11-25 06:40:40
Quoting from Gerd v. Egidy's mail on Mon, Nov 25, 2002 at 01:26:13PM +0100:
yes, that is correct. That message header contained the MIME-boundary which 
without a colon.


As I understand that, your patch is orthogonal to mine. 
If we return PS_TRUNCATED and have a protocol that cannot differentiate 
between header & body, we have to get the whole message - even if we don't 
want to. That is what my patch does.

Your patch improves detecting the actual message delimiter.

So both patches should be applied. Is that correct?

No. PS_TRUNCATED is supposed to be returned only when the message
delimiter is received. Then, setting len to 0 is the correct thing to

In this case, the delimiter is not reached yet. So, the return value
of PS_TRUNCATED was erroneous in the first place.

Now, my patch will return PS_RETAINED instead. The mail will be then

Note that this bug was probably there long before 6.1.1. When the smtp
error handling and the PS_TRUNCATED code were fixed, this bug was

Sunil Shetye.

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