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[fetchmail] Changing sender headers in bounce?

2003-04-05 15:19:27
I am new to fetchmail, but today I set up a working multidrop configuration
with it and Postfix. The only problem I'm having now is with the
"FETCHMAIL-DAEMON(_at_)my(_dot_)workstation(_dot_)com" that fetchmail uses as 
it sends out a
bounce message. I can't change it. I want to set the "Return-Path:" header
to "<>" and the "From:" header to 
"MAILER-DAEMON(_at_)my(_dot_)maildrop(_dot_)com". Is there
any way, other than tweaking the source and recompiling, to change these

I don't think I can get Postfix to rewrite the outbound addresses for me.
I have RTFM'd, RTFFAQ'd, and googled. I have not yet found an answer.

Jeffrey Sharp

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