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[fetchmail]IMAP stay connected mode

2005-10-21 09:42:22
Is there a fetchmail mode for IMAP that allows it to stay connected to the IMAP server between checks?

Reason I ask, is because the IMAP server I use requires SecurID... in
other words, my IMAP password is "PASSWD/SECURID".  Since the SECURID
number changes every minute, my IMAP password is essentially different
every minute.

So, because fetchmail disconnects after each check, I can't store my
"password" in .fetchmailrc.

BUT... if there's a way to tell fetchmail to stay connected to the IMAP
server and simply check for email every XX minutes without logging out,
then I believe it would work.  I know staying connected works, because
that's how Pine does it.

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