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[fetchmail]fetchmail 6.2.9-rc7 available (fix galore)

2005-10-31 14:32:37
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I have just released fetchmail 6.2.9-rc7, yet another release candidate
before 6.3.0, after yet another bugfix evening.

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Support call - fetchmail needs funding:
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For distributors, please upload this to every unstable/testing/current
distribution that you have (do not upload to "stable", it changes
behavior in a few places) to expose this to wider testing.

If someone is familiar with Kerberos 5, the automatic detection is
broken, help with fixing configure.ac for Kerberos 5 without krb5-config
will be appreciated.

Changes since -rc6 are:
* fetchmailconf -h documents the fetchmailconf -h option. Matthias Andree
* fetchmailconf -V now prints the fetchmailconf version. Matthias Andree
* Add support for SubjectAltName (RFC-2595 or 2818), to avoid bogus certificate
  mismatch errors. Patch by Roland Stigge, Debian Bug#201113. (MA)
* make fetchmail --silent --quit really silent, Debian Bug #229014 by Dr.
  Andreas Krüger.  Matthias Andree
* cleanup --quit handling again (so that --silent --quit just kills the
  existing daemon, rather than continue running), and document it more clearly.
  Matthias Andree
* Print an error message if multiple "defaults" records are found in the
  configuration file.  Matthias Andree
* Bury on_exit officially - the necessary code had been missing from 6.0.0,
  6.2.0, 6.2.5.  Matthias Andree
* Exit with error if the lock file cannot be read.  Matthias Andree
* Exit with error if the lock file cannot be created exclusively, this got
  broken in a 6.2.6-pre, and older were fine.  Matthias Andree
* Do not break some other process's lockfile in "-q" mode, but wait for the
  other process's exit.  Matthias Andree
* Man page: --sslfingerprint points user to x509(1ssl) and gives an example
  how to use it. Debian Bug#213484, Eduard Bloch. (MA)
* Try to obtain FQDN as our own host by default, rather than using "localhost".
  If hostname cannot be qualified, complain noisily and continue, unless
  Kerberos, ODMR or ETRN are used (these require a FQDN).
  Partial fix of Debian Bug#150137. Fixes Debian Bug#316454.  Matthias Andree
* fetchmailconf now sets the service properly after autoprobe. Fixes Debian
  Bug#320645.  Matthias Andree
* fetchmail.man: Fix Debian Bug#241883, making global options more clear. Matt
  Swift, Matthias Andree.

I seek everyone to test it out, report remaining bugs, update outdated
translations (send your translated .po files to the translation
project's robot, it'll forward your translation to the -devel list) or
send patches for documentation or report inconsistencies (including
formatting!) in the documentation.

The software is available from:


- -- 
Matthias Andree
Version: GnuPG v1.4.0 (GNU/Linux)


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