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The benefits of working code to protocol specification

1991-05-07 16:42:49
...All this effort to sort things out and develop a
clear model of what we can and should do is just getting in the way.
LETS GO CUT SOME DAMN CODE!  Who cares how it interworks anyway?
Worked for NFS.

Realistically, once we get a popular implementation interworking will be
defined as 'does it work with foobar's RFC-xxxx'.  Then we get to have
bake-offs (connectathons) wherein we try to solve the everyone by everyone
everyone interoperability problems.

I would even go so far as to say that from the tenor of recent discussion
we are finally to the point where implementation/operation experience 
would be very useful in determining the validity of our ideas.

leo j mclaughlin iii

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