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Re: 7/8-bit conversion vs. bouncing

1991-07-02 17:38:51
Nathaniel writes:
While I personally agree with Mark Crispin that 8-bit mail is not
necessary, I see no reason not to work with it if the people who do care
about it actually make it a reality.

I believe that some people have been misunderstanding each other. When
Nathaniel says "8-bit mail" above, he means 8-bit SMTP. Let's be
careful about the wording, so that we all know what level (SMTP vs
822) we're talking about.

The only place where I think Keld & I might actually be in disagreement
is in the nature of the interface between 8-bit and 7-bit mail.  I think
this interface will only work right if it is viewed as a gateway
operation, much like the gateways between Internet and Bitnet or
Internet and X.400.

Or as an operation carried out by the UA before injecting the message
into the net (my preferred way of looking at this).

I'll be gone for a few days. Don't expect further replies immediately.


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