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Re: Gateways & MTAs....The Enemy

1991-08-09 08:57:59
John Wobus writes:

The result of this might be that the user must run extra routines to
decode portions of messages.  So be it--I imagine some decoding will have
to be under user control in any case--e.g.  if someone sends me a program,
I don't want the action of reading the message to put a runnable copy of
that program anywhere without my explicit permission.

John, your note was very interesting.  You've summarized the problems this
group has been wrangling with over the last few months very nicely.  But 
your last remarks open an issue I can't recall having seen much discussion
about in this list.  If there is little user control of message decoding,
conceptually it's much simpler for an email terrorist to send an email

Is this an issue we want to grapple with?

-john noerenberg
 Blot out, correct, insert, refine,
 Enlarge, diminish, interline;
 Be mindful, when Invention fails,
 To scratch your Head, and bite your Nails.
--- Jonathan Swift (1733)

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