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Re: Point of Order (Was: My greatest fear)

1991-08-25 23:40:01

Well, I am not disgusted, but I certainly am discouraged and
frustrated to read such long and simply argumentative excahnges with
leo j mclaughlin and his protagonists (of which I am one).  I too
would describe them as a "filibuster".

Thank you, though I would not describe my 'antagonists' as filibustering.

Can we please get on with coming to closure on whether we are going to
save a little effort and bandwidth in the MTAs, at great expense and
diffuculty in the UAs?

Though I'm not sure what you mean (depending on who's argument you're
following, nested encoding either makes UAs easier or harder at the
expense or benefit of MTAs), we did come to cloture.  It was clear
that the working group was divided, it is hoped implementation experience
will allow a more decisive vote in New Mexico.

leo j mclaughlin iii

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