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Re: A compromise proposal in the making (Was: My Greatest Fear)

1991-08-27 01:01:22
(1) It was pointed out to me Monday that a very large number of bytes of 
traffic had occurred on this set of issues in the last few days, with a 
very small number of people causing them.  To those who have been 
overwhelmed by the process, I, for one, would like to apologize.  At the 
same time, while it wasn't intentional, this exercise of public yelling 
and screaming and ever-longer messages at least has the advantage of 
documenting the discussion and the issues.  Perhaps that will prevent a 
recurrence of the perceived one-step-forward, two-steps-back behavior 
that a few of us perceived happened in Atlanta.

(2) Ned's compromise.  I think we need to quibble about details, but I 
have no fundamental problems with it.  I would like to see some 
proposals about some of those details.  I'd also like to see some of the 
people who spoke up in Atlanta but have been silent (overwhelmed? 
disgusted?) here indicate whether there are properties of this that do 
not meet their needs and why.  If the yellers-and-screamers of the last 
week or two have really reached some sort of agreement among ourselves, 
would it be useful to indicate that to the list, as I'm trying to do 
here, and then try a little silence for a few days or a week to let some 
of the others assimilate things and comment on them?

My contribution is to try to set a "for me, recently" short-message 
record. :-)

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