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Re: Content Types

1991-08-27 21:12:53
Excerpts from ext.ietf-822: 27-Aug-91 Re: Content Types Vincent
Lau(_at_)eng(_dot_)sun(_dot_)com (2491)

Content-Type: INTERLEAF / BINARY (an Interleaf document in binary format)

Again, while I strongly agree with the thrust of Vincent's message
(treat the type and class as independent fields), saying that the class
of INTERLEAF is BINARY is begging the question.  What's it an INTERLEAF
(BINARY) version *of*?  Here the content-type should be

    Content-Type: INTERLEAF-BINARY / TEXT-PLUS  (a textual document in
    the binary form of Interleaf markup)


    Content-Type: INTERLEAF-ASCII / IMAGE  (a bitmap in the ASCII form
    of Interleaf markup)

Two different formats, two different types.  Just saying `INTERLEAF'
doesn't tell you the format type, and just saying `BINARY' doesn't tell
you the document class.


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