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Re: Character-set header

1991-08-30 04:49:52
Ned writes:

-- what I want is the ability to be able to distinguish character set
information for subtypes that I've never heard of (subject to having a
reasonable top-level type, of course).

But what can you do with the character set information?

I think it isn't safe to do character set conversions, for example,
without knowing the subtype. For example, if I have a TEXT-PLUS message
encoded in Latin 1, and I convert it to our national 7-bit character
set, O diersis ends up to be what is backslash character in ASCII.
Backslash might be a special character in that particular subtype and
need some kind of quoting.

Also, I think you can't decide whether you can display the message
solely on the character set information. Some TEXT-PLUS subtypes you
have might not support that particular character set even if your
hardware were capable. Or the viewer for that subtype might be able to
show the message appropriately even if your hardware didn't support the
character set directly.

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