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Re: RFC-CHAR ready for publication?

1992-01-01 13:12:14
One of the properties of a standard is that it changes slowly.
Since RFC-CHAR attempts to cover all the characters of ISO 10646
and that has not be published yet, it is hard to see how you can
publish RFC-CHAR and then continuously change it to track ISO 10646.
Or perhaps it is just another collection of a lot a characters :-).

RFC-CHAR does not currently attempt to cover all of 10646.
RFC-CHAR attempts to cover current charset standards,
and 10646 is not existing yet. There is no charset table for 10646
in the current RFC-CHAR draft.

When it will be available, I will try to include all of it
(but that is a big mouthful). The same goal is stated for 
RFC-MIME, so in this respect you may say that the two drafts
are on equal footing.


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