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Re: Re: Another external-reference type

1992-01-03 15:42:15
Can't most of the power of this hypothetical new access-type
(message-retreival) be accomplished with the recently-added access-type
"mail-server"?  Or am I missing somethign?

Yes, you're right.  I had been thinking of `mail-server' being an MTA
function, but it isn't.  Both are UA functions, but the `user' for
whom they act is different.  With `mail-server' you have a cyborg
which is a repository for non-personal information, at least that is
the current use.  With a message-retrieval function, this would retrieve
messages from a persons private message store (which implies that the
UA should probably request permission first from the real luser, or
possibly have an access-control-list to govern when to allow the
retrieval or whether to ask permission, etc etc).

So you're counter-suggesting:

        To: person(_at_)dom(_dot_)ain
        Content-Type: message/external-body;

        Content-Type: message/rfc822

        SEND-MESSAGE: <id(_at_)domain>

(BTW: I don't see where the commands for access-type="mail-server"
 are defined.. was that to be done in a separate RFC?)

I can go along with this.  It isn't clear from section 7.3.3 if this
is the same for both sending out the announcement and in sending the
retrieval request.  Retrieving a news message would assumably replace
the To: person(_at_)dom(_dot_)ain with To: usenet-server(_at_)dom(_dot_)ain .. 
no problem.

(It *was* 1AM when I wrote that other message...)


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