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Re: closure & character sets

1992-01-06 22:05:51
We can NOT stop the usage of 8859-n in mail.

We also canNOT guarantee the correct transmission of raw 8859-n in the
Internet and beyond. That's why Quoted-Printable and Mnemonic were
invented, remember?

Almost all manufactures
that sells sendmails in sweden already put 8859-1 in their outgoing
822-mail on their UNIX-systems.

Yup, they caved in to customer demand. (Yes, the problem exists.)

I don't know if you have the same
problem in Japan with 2022, but on the NORDUnet we already have a uge
problem with SMTP and NNTP and 8859-1.

No, the Japanese do not have any problems with their profile of ISO
2022 in SMTP, since it's 7-bit.

However, B-news and C-news had to be tweaked to allow ESCs. I don't
know about the relationship between NNTP and B,C-news (help, Henry,
Erik F.?).


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