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Re: The "final" draft

1992-01-11 12:29:13
Automatic Acknowledgement is a separate issue from RFC-MIME, and
should be in a separate RFC, if we can agree on what they should be.

At one point we started up a separate mailing list to handle the
discussion, and a discussion started, but it seems to have died.

At issue are the great questions of what semantics apply to various
kinds of acknowledgements (e.g., Delivery Notification, Receipt
Notification, etc) and How and Who should issue the Notifications
uynder what conditions.  Part of the problem at this point is that
there are many implementations with many semantics and many confused
ways of doing it, all of which veraious people want to grandfather
into tan new agreemtns on what to do and how to do it.

I can dig up the transcript and we can restart the discussion if
anyone wants to work on it.


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