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Re: IETF-822 Extensions draft (fwd)

1992-01-21 12:02:03
On Tue, 21 Jan 92 16:36:41 JST, Uhhyung Choi wrote:
As the paragraph says, ISO-2022-jp allows only ASCII and Japanese JIS
character sets. The implication is that there neee to be "ISO-2022-kr"
which allows Korean KS character sets. That's what you want to avoid.

As I understand it, the intention is to have ISO-2022-KR, etc.  People were
rather adamant in their opposition to an ISO-2022 general type because it was
open-ended.  Software which is JIS-only could not be compliant with such an
open-ended specification.

The idea is that with something like ISO-2022-JP, ISO-2022-KR, etc. the
current national usage would be allowed and brought into compliance with MIME.

Is there any Korean ISO-2022 hardware or software which does not support JIS?
Any such thing would not be compliant with your proposed ISO-2022-MIME type,
but it would be okay with ISO-2022-KR.

As for what to do with an ISO-2022 message which has both JIS and Hangul, I
think that the IETF-822 working group is going to pay for their stupidity at
the Santa Fe meeting in insisting that ISO-2022-JP is a character set.  We
should have had an ISO-2022 subtype of text, with parameters to indicate the
character set(s) supported.

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