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Re: EDI Support in MIME

1992-05-08 10:45:04
Can anyone tell me if MIME has or has planned to address EDI support?
Are there any working groups or draft documents out there that discuss

  One quick comment on this:  "supporting EDI", in the sense of
transporting the stuff, is pretty easy and could be trivially added to
MIME.  But that probably isn't the issue in practice--the EDI community
has its own way of looking at things and the agreements about what to
use, what constitutes legitimate transport, how to authenticate in a
given environment, etc are the complicated part.  Regardless of whether
or not a MIME effort has thought about EDI, the major financial (at
least) EDI communities have rather agressively not heard of TCP/IP or
anything that runs on top of it.
    john klensin

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