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re: MIME nesting

1992-06-02 16:49:35
On Tue, 2 Jun 92 16:34:31 PDT, Steve Dusse wrote:
Without nested encodings, there would be no natural way of indicating
WHAT was privacy-enhanced and therefore privacy-enhancement would
likely be limited to vanilla text.

Not true.  You could apply PEM to objects besides text.  PEM could be a new
transfer encoding, for example.

Also, there are plenty of
"security types" that believe that the structure/content-type of a
message may be as sensitive as the content of a message.

In such cases, you wouldn't be using distributed mail.  Another way of putting
it is that kind of PEM is not very useful in a distributed mail environment,
because you are compelled to retrieve a great deal of data before you can be
away whether or not the data is useful.

There is a need for PEM, though, particularly with distributed mail, since
mail data is transferred in the clear otherwise.

I would like to see this all thought out a bit better.

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