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1992-06-08 22:20:39

Gentle e-mail recipients,

I have a few questions about the wiley T.61 String ASN.1 type.
(Apologies to those who are on both e-mail lists.)

1. I have a copy of the 1984 X.208 which (in table 6, page 44) lists
the T61 String registration numbers as 87, 102, 103, 106, 107 SPACE
and DELETE.  Does anyone have a 1988 or 1992 version of X.208 ?  Are
there changes to this list ?

2. Does anyone have a mapping from the ISO IR numbers (87, 102,...) to
the pertinent ISO standards (ISO 646 ?, ISO 6937 ?, ISO 8859 ?) ?? ???

3. Is anyone working on ( there a need for...) implementor's
agreements for the use of T.61 String in PEM certificates and MIME
messages ?  This is an area of great ambiguity IMHO.  E.g. Do ESC
sequences that change character sets apply to whole distinguished
names or just to the AVA in which they appear ?  Can I change a
character set in the middle of an AVA (mail message, whatever) ?

4. Is there anyone that has a good grasp of all of the relevant issues
surrounding T.61 ? Should I wait for ISO 10646 and Unicode ? (somewhat

Any clues are appreciated.

Steve Dusse

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