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Re: Mime compliancy

1992-06-18 09:54:02
Excerpts from internet.ietf-822: 18-Jun-92 Mime compliancy "Charles Oriot @watson.i (1796)

Is this note MIME compliant ? Shouldn't there be 2 blank lines between the
header and the first part ?

Looks like a bug to me. I'm glad to see that I'm not the only person whose name is on the MIME document and whose first implmentation turned out to be visibly out-of-spec in some way....

Here's the relevant excerpt from RFC 1341:

The requirement that the encapsulation boundary begins with a CRLF implies that the body of a multipart entity must itself begin with a CRLF before the first encapsulation line -- that is, if the "preamble" area is not used, the entity headers must be followed by TWO CRLFs. This is indeed how such entities should be composed. A tolerant mail reading program, however, may interpret a body of type multipart that begins with an encapsulation line NOT initiated by a CRLF as also being an encapsulation boundary, but a compliant mail sending program must not generate such entities.
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