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2005-08-06 13:10:13
}> Note: I think we are all agreed that the discussion on this matter must not
}> hinder the publication of the next MIME spec, but it could lead to a
}> separate rfc on the topic which extends that particular parameter.
}This is fine as long as it does not usurp the perogatives of other working
}groups. You can make a case for local filenames not being within the
}jurisdiction of the URL folks. But I don't think you can make a similar case
}for URLs for FTP, AFS, Gopher, NetNews, etc.
}We can go about this in one of two ways: (1) We can enhance local files
}separately and live with the inevitable differences that will result from two
}groups working out different locator schemes. (2) We can try to make sure the
}URI work addresses our needs including local files. I would prefer to at least
}try (2); it might prove unworkable in which case (1) can be used instead.
}                               Ned

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