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Charater sets and 822

1993-04-15 07:39:01

After a review of the character set discussions and issues, the area
directorate has concluded that they are not really a MIME matter but
something that impacts a number of applications, e.g. the x.400
operations group is also working on character sets, and so is the
Osi-ds group.  We don't want to try to create a WG until and unless it
is clear what that WG would produce, but have created a mailing list
for those who wish to continue and focus the discussions that have
occurred on the 822 list during the last several months.  That list is
ietf-charsets(_at_)innosoft(_dot_)com, subscriptions to

I would like to encourage those of you who are interested to
prticipate on this list. The area Directorate will monitor the
discussion. When there is more of a focus as to what can be done as
concrete workitems for this group, we can consider what actions are
appropriate as a follow-up.

Erik Huizer
Applications Area Director

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