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WG Last Call!!!!

1993-04-19 14:04:07

There has been very little discussion on the final versions of the
documents for the following protocols and I proposed that in the
absence of serious, non-editoral comments, that these documents be
submitted to the IESG for consideration on Thursday April 29th.

The documents are:

MIME => To Draft Standard

Apr 93  <draft-ietf-822ext-mime2-02.txt, .ps> 
        MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) Part Two: Mechanisms 
        for Specifying and Describing the Format of Internet Message Bodies     
Mar 93  <draft-ietf-822ext-mime-part2-00.txt> 
        MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) Part Two:  Message
        Header Extensions for Non-ASCII Text    

Optional Content MD-5 => To Proposed Standard

Apr 93  <draft-ietf-822ext-md5-02.txt> 
         The Content-MD5 Header        

The following documents will be submitted independently when they are ready

Japanese Character Set Usage  (To be determined by Area Director)

Dec 92  <draft-ietf-822ext-iso2022jp-02.txt> 
         Japanese Character Encoding for Internet Messages   

Text/Enriched Content Type  => Experimental

Apr 93  <draft-ietf-822ext-text-enriched-01.txt, .ps> 
         The text/enriched MIME Content-type   

Greg Vaudreuil

Chair, RFC 822 Message Extensions Working Group

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