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Re: setext

1993-04-20 19:21:33
Thanks, Fred.

I looked at this last year as a possible alternative to simplemail, but
I still get the following kind of information when I query:

Excerpts from direct: 20-Apr-93 setext_concepts.etx Adam C.
Engst(_at_)tidbits(_dot_)co (13246)

  Thank you for your interest in the setext format.  Enclosed is an
  advance sheet that will remain in effect until the first public
  release of the setext format package (originally planned for around
  March 1st, 1992, now delayed).

The advance sheet doesn't really say much.

On the other hand, mail to the designer directly produces

Excerpts from direct: 20-Apr-93 re: please send details [pa.. Ian
Feldman(_at_)random(_dot_)se (3032)

  specifications are largely unpublished but of interest mainly
  to those attempting to construct setext tools, rather than
  occassional or repetive -authors and publishers.  This is not
  intended, rather the effect of not having enough screen real
  estate to be able to overwiew the material more than 2-3 para
  at a time.  I have now arranged for a printout of last year's
  traffic and am told that the stack is 10 cm-odd.  Maybe I can
  swallow that more easily.

  Apart from the concepts_Aug92 doc that's avaialble via the
  TidBITS there are 2 additional files on the Internet with the
  following URDs (Universal Resource Descriptors):

[ I think he means URL - Locator, not Descriptor ]


  (feed them to your WWW front-end, then sit back and look in
  amazement as I do ;-))

  These 3 are enough to get anyone started. Not being part of
  any organization that could support me in this endeavor I
  had chosen to work directly with developers, assisting them
  in their initial queries and clarifying possible misunderstan-
  dings of their impressions of what setext is about. This may
  sound more complex than had there been a stack of documents
  to ponder over and implement. Perhaps it is.  On the other
  hand the setext, despite it's sheep-in-sheep's clothing
  image, is one fairly complex method to present printed word,
  richtext (incl also nonlingual) and small-scale hypertext of
  still unrealized potential... ambiguties, warts and all.


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