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message/external-body & URL

1993-05-12 09:30:21
I've just been reading the latest Uniform Resource Locators draft
(or whatever URL today means) by Tim Berners-Lee 
(internet-drafts/draft-ietf-uri-url-00.{ps,txt}) which describes a
general way of describing objects that are reachable thru WWW,
gopher, wais, anon-ftp,  afs ,.... I think this might be a
way to handle some of the different external-body formats.

Are the any plans to add a new access-type for URL's?

As an example we could use something like:

Content-type: message/external-body; access-type=URL;

Content-type: application/postscript
Content-transfer-encoding: 8bit

Pekka Kyt|laakso
netmgr(_at_)tellus(_dot_)csc(_dot_)fi     Centre for Scientific Computing
Pekka(_dot_)Kytolaakso(_at_)csc(_dot_)fi  PL 40   SF-02101 Espoo FINLAND
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