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Re: printable wide character (was "multibyte") encodings

1993-05-13 20:36:15
        Keith,  you left this part out:

                                           The point is
     that the richtext parser's front-end "get a character"
     primitive would get a wide, multioctet character.  (The
     special '<' character would therefore appear as a 16- or
     32-bit quantity with value 60).

        This is the part to which I specifically agree, saying:


        The reasoning is:

                                 Recalling the proper
     definition of "byte", however, we can if we wish continue
     to think about byte streams, as long as we remember that
     a byte may have more than 8 bits.   ...

        And if SMTP remains an  "octet stream",  fine.
(I think we're closer in agreement than you think we are)

Rick Troth <troth(_at_)rice(_dot_)edu>,  Rice University,  Information Systems