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Re: MIME-Version is useless

1993-05-28 10:10:32
MIME-Version: as specified in RFC 1341 is admittedly not that harmful.

The April Internet Draft is turning it into a problem.  It has to be
handled as a special case when interpreting message/partial.  The
modified wording of section 3 means that all sorts of havoc will be
wrecked should the value of MIME-Version: ever change.  These
practical matters will likely mean the value of MIME-Version: will
never change, in which case section 3 is recommending implementors
write dead code.

A MIME reader should be able, even encouraged, to ignore MIME-Version:
entirely.  To keep from breaking existing software, the next MIME
standard should still require generation of "MIME-Version: 1.0", but
it should mark the header as depreciated and strongly recommend
implementations ignore it.  It should also suggest implementors
distinguish MIME messages from pre-MIME message by determining whether
the value of any Content-Type or Content-Transfer-Encoding header can
be parsed using the apropriate MIME BNF.

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