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Body parts in MIME

1993-12-19 12:51:27
We are working on the development of a new messaging software
which we plan to make MIME compliant.

I have som questions on this:
(a) Which graphic format should we use to encode graphics
in messages. I know that MIME allows everything, but that
is not very useful since two MIME compliant mail systems
using different graphic encoding will not be able to 
exchange graphics anyway.

Maybe two formats, one for raster graphics and one for
line graphics?

(b) Which character sets should be support? We will
certainly support 
US-ASCII (7-bit US variant of ISO 646)
Swedish variants of ISO 646
ISO 8859-1
Maybe also CP 850 and the Macintosh character set.

(c) Can you include the file name when you send
a binary file as an attachement to a MIME message.

Jacob Palme                  E-mail: dsv-jp(_at_)dsv(_dot_)su(_dot_)se
Department of Computer and   Phone: +46-8-664 77 48 or +46-8-16 16 67
Systems Sciences (DSV)       Fax: +46-8-703 90 25 (not very fast)
Stockholm University         Postal address: Electrum 230, Kista, Sweden

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