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Re: Proposals for 10646/Unicode in MIME

1993-12-22 11:29:00

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    Of course, because of Han unification, UNICODE is not a charset of MIME.

As has been explained many times, Unicode is not listed as a charset of
Mime, in the Mime document, because the wg wanted to list the minimum,
required character sets; it was very, very clear that there is general
controversy about charactersets.  Unicode has not yet received solid,
extensive, comfortable, global use.  Hence, it was not a candidate.
None of this was specific to Han.

(My comment is not an evaluation of Unicode quality, etc.  It is a
statement of the level of *existing* use at the time of the Mime wg
effort.  The wg decided to opt in favor of listing only rock-solid,
completely entrenced, globally useful charactersets.  I.e., it chose
the most conservative path it thought it could get away with.)


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