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Re: Internet-Draft: Language tag

1993-12-24 09:08:57
Recently I foolishly said:

  Oh yes, I remember now, 639 country codes for use as
  language tags.

and I also later on said:

  Rolling our own is absurd, but I still dont like the
  poor fit of  country code ~= language, still I have to
  admit that nothing better seems available.

boy do my socks taste awfull.

I completely withdraw the above comments, 639 is in fact
an eminantly usefull list of language codes, I erred in 
stateing otherwise.

Thanks to the quiet diplomacy of John Kleinsin for pointing
out my "confusion", I now need only imagine what my socks
would have tasted like had they been roasted 


dana s emery <de19(_at_)Umail(_dot_)umd(_dot_)edu>

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