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Re: EDI over Mime

1994-01-12 22:42:52
The mailing list for specifying EDI encapsulation within Mime has been 
quite active.  However, my sense is that virtually none of the Mime
technical community is participating.

Not surprisingly, the EDI world has a view of how to do things and it
has differences from the IETF and Mime style.  To work through such
differences well, there needs to be adequate participation from both

Yes, Please!  Would the Mime eXperts add some leavening to the EDI eXperts
so we getting something out of this that will endure?

I am particularly concerned about the sloffing off the need to forward the
EMail address to the EDI translator so it knows how to return mail.  They
are appearently expecting the EDI trading partners database to continue
forever.  Also the PEM cert.


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