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1994-02-01 08:11:26
I am in deep sympathy with the fact that UNICODE does not do for
Japan, Korea, and China what it does for (pretty much) all others in
the world, but I cannot do anything about that, short of killing off
those who did this dirty deed.  However, there is really no point in
doing this!

As a truely technical and, at the same time, truely political
comment, please don't forget that there are non-NA, non-European
and non-CJK countries in the world.

It is not surprising and is actually a fact that their languages are
poorly supported by Unicode designed by people like you.

It is simpler to let the UNICODERS of the world go their way, and
declare in their RFC which specifies how to include UNICODE in MIME
that the Internet cannot reach consensus for how to label/profile CJK
text, so the specification does not apply to instances of CJK.

It seems to me that you haven't read what I wrote.

That's exactly what I have been saying and what I have done (though
I'm not a Unicoder and know that there are non-NA, non-European and
non-CJK countries in the world, of course).

Remember, we elect to use "Rough Consensus and Runnng Code!"

Don't forget that we Japanese has a long history of localization and
internationalization effort with rough consensus and running codes.

It is only required that it is proven to work,

The problem is that Unicode does not work as a framework of

                                                        Masataka Ohta

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