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Re: CTE:

1995-01-04 10:35:22
On Thu, 05 Jan 1995 00:14:01 +0200, Masataka Ohta said:
As long as we have
one server which is not 8-bit clean, then you can never assume that
you can just-send-8.

Sure. At the same time, as long as someone has 8-bit clean servers
on all the mail pathes, then he can assume that he can just-send-8.

So, I'm afraid your statement is completely meaningless.

From the headers of Mastaka's mail:

Received: from [] by (5.59/SMI4.0/RU1.5/3.08)
        id AA02477; Wed, 4 Jan 95 10:25:57 EST
Received: by (5.65+/necom-mx-rg); Thu, 5 Jan 95 
00:14:03 +0900

(btw - the PTR entry pointing from to necom830 seems to be

necom830 makes connections all over the world.

The Internet has a *LOT* of non-8-bit-clean mailers -- probably over a million
of them. Literally.

You can't just blindly invert logic like that - if it could, *your* statement
would be completely meaningless as well.

                                Valdis Kletnieks
                                Computer Systems Engineer
                                Virginia Tech

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