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Re: Last Call- Tags for the

1995-01-07 10:25:05
David Goldsmith writes:

I forwarded the language tags draft to Mark Davis, the International
architect here at Taligent (and president of the Unicode consortium), and
he gave me the following comments I'm forwarding to this list:

Date: 4 Jan 1995 18:44:16 -0800
From: "Mark Davis" <mark_davis(_at_)taligent(_dot_)com>
Subject: Re: Last Call- Tags for the
To: "David Goldsmith" <david_goldsmith(_at_)taligent(_dot_)com>,

Reply to: RE>Last Call: Tags for the identification of...  01/04/95     6:35

I looked it over, and the only comment I have is that ISO-639 and ISO-3166
are unfortunately unsteady foundations, since they retract or change codes.

This is done as the world evolves, like new countries appear
and some countries disappear, like the Soviet Union.
There is a move towards gettin more stable country codes,
as some regions will have their own territory code.
This is for ISO 3166.

ISO 639 is much more stable, only errors are corrected, and new
additions done for languages not in it yet.

I wonder what would be more suitable for your purpose.

Keld Simonsen

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