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Re: let's get rid of image/gif

1995-01-10 16:33:38
dcrocker> Unfortunately, image/gif is in the original Mime spec.  And THAT
dcrocker> spec IS on the standards track.  **>> That makes the content-types
dcrocker> referenced in it implicitly part of the standard. <<**
dcrocker> So, if image/gif were merely registered with IANA separately,
dcrocker> there'd be no problem.  **>> Having it built into the Mime spec
dcrocker> changes things, I believe. **<<

I disagree with the two statements marked with **>><<**. I'm not sure how to
convince you from your belief, however.

dcrocker> Correct, because I guess we didn't realize there was a patent
dcrocker> claim on gif. The IETF standards process documentation very much
dcrocker> DOES have discussion about the question of standardizing patented
dcrocker> technology.

Yes, but we're not standardizing GIF (which is prohibited), we're
standardizing a reference to GIF (which is not). I believe (there's those
two words again! :-) ) that the two are completely different.

Perhaps the answer it so not REMOVE image/gif, but to instead add references
to other image types that are NOT encumbered.

Also, application/postscript is similarly encumbered. Are we going to remove
that as well?

                                        Tony Hansen
                                att!pegasus!hansen, attmail!tony