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Re: Content-Disposition changes

1995-01-18 21:17:43
Regarding non-US-ASCII characters (punt):

    Current [RFC 1521] grammar restricts parameter values (and
    hence Content-Disposition filenames) to US-ASCII.  We
    recognize the great desirability of allowing arbitrary
    character sets in filenames, but it is beyond the scope of
    this document to define the necessary mechanisms.  We expect
    that the basic [RFC 1521] `value' specification will someday
    be amended to allow use of non-US-ASCII characters, at which
    time the same mechanism should be used in the Content-
    Disposition filename parameter.

Hmmm.  If 'value' is redefined for all of MIME, won't it break
existing MIME implementations and thus have a negative impact on the
installed base?  It's one thing to define a new way of representing
arbitrary {octet,character}-strings in new parameters, something else
to make it retroactively apply to old ones. 

Mind you, I'd *really* like to have MIME be consistent in the way it
treats parameters, but I would be surprised if we could justify a
retroactive change.  (am I the only one who thinks this is shaky?)

(I suppose the RFC that redefines 'value' could include a caution to
not use the new syntax for awhile, at least not except for non-ASCII

Still, it seems reasonable to put this for the Proposed Standard
version of Content-Disposition, as long as nobody intends to ship
product based on that version of the spec...but this feature is needed
so badly that I somehow suspect that people are going to want to do
exactly that...


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