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Re: multipart/header-set

1995-02-27 14:56:45
At 2:21 PM 2/27/95, Brent Stilley wrote:
Can someone explain this (partial) CT header:

Content-Type: multipart/header-set; ...

It was received by one of our users from a Eudora user. I couldn't find
the "header-set" subtype mentioned in the RFC's.

It was used in one stage in the evolution of the MacMIME RFC (1741).  It
was dropped before the final revision.

Eudora uses it where 1741 specifies "multipart/appledouble".  I don't know
of any other mailer using it; it may be that you can simply treat
"multipart/header-set" as "multipart/appledouble".

Now that the RFC has been issued, the next released version of Eudora will
use "multipart/appledouble".

Steve Dorner, Qualcomm Incorporated.  "Oog make mission statement."

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