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1995-02-28 15:45:35
At 2:22 PM 2/28/95, John Gardiner Myers wrote:
Such messages don't necessarily leave such environments through mail
gateways.  In a case reported to me, the user saved the message to a
file inside such an environment, transferred the file to a PC, then
tried to use my MIME reader, munpack, to extract the Pine attachment.

One that bit me recently was constructed this way:

content-type: multipart/mixed; boundary=foo$
content-type: text/plain$

Looks like the gateway was smart enough to catch the header/body delimiter
on the outermost message, but not the one on the enclosed body part.  No
easy fix for that one; would have to teach the gateway about MIME, or
remove all lone spaces willy-nilly.

However, a space on a line by itself is defined by RFC822 as being a
header continuation line.  In order for mail readers to be permitted
to deal with them as separating headers from the body, they have to be
specifically declared as not being legal header continuation lines.

I'm starting to think this would be a good thing.

Steve Dorner, Qualcomm Incorporated.  "Oog make mission statement."

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