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1995-03-01 18:16:16

I'm talking about a
fundamental difference in thinking.   Mail,  even STMP  (that is,  on the
wire)  isn't a stream of bytes,  it's a sequence of records,  sometimes
"continued",  and we find that one of the rules for continuation is
difficult to implement reliably across all Internet-connected platforms.
I tell you,  this would be to everyone's advantage in the long run.

I partially agree with your way of thinking, but not that each *line* is a 
record.  As this thread has pointed out there is a flaw in using this line of 
thought, that being the equivalence of CR LF SPACE CR LF and CR LF CR LF after 
converting from RFC822 to your record-oriented format.

I think that a better approach for new software would be to treat the *entire 
header* as a single record and the *entire body* as another record.  Keep the 
CRLF's in there and reduce the overhead of converting back and forth.  It also 
reduces the dependence on which O/S you are developing on.  And while you're 
at it, you could break up multipart-MIME messages into several records (at the 
boundary markers obviously) for easy manipulation and recursive translation 
to/from 7bit....

Michael D'Errico, Inc.

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