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Re: Update to draft-onions-822-mailproblems-01.txt

1995-04-02 16:39:18
I've been thinking about how to deal with the fact that we have the
822-AS document and your document running more or less in parallel.

What do you think of attempting to tune them so that your document
explains all the horrors that can occur on the Internet, and why
it is important to do things right, while the AS takes care of the

BTW, you don't seem to have mentioned one of my favourite bugs:
The illusion that all systems will handle comments of the form
(This is believed \(mistakenly\) to be a comment with a \) in it)

At least I've experienced bounce storms after some messages with
a weird number of parentheses, most quoted, within a message.

(According to RFC 822, the above should be legal, and so should
(((((Five))))) be - comments nest - but I certainly had a hard
time figuring out whether the example that hit me was unbalanced or not)

         Harald A

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