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Re: RFC1342 (encoded header fields) implementation Q:

1995-05-07 15:06:38
RFC 1342 has been revised; the current encoded-word spec is RFC 1522.
The relevant text from 1522 is:

] 6.2. Display of encoded-words
]    Any encoded-words so recognized are decoded, and if possible, the
]    resulting unencoded text is displayed in the original character set.
]    When displaying a particular header field that contains multiple
]    encoded-words, any linear-white-space that separates a pair of
]    adjacent encoded-words is ignored.  (This is to allow the use of
]    multiple encoded-words to represent long strings of unencoded text,
]    without having to separate encoded-words where spaces occur in the
]    unencoded text.)

Note that "linear-white-space" is defined in RFC 822 as:

]      LWSP-char   =  SPACE / HTAB                 ; semantics = SPACE
]      linear-white-space =  1*([CRLF] LWSP-char)  ; semantics = SPACE
]                                                  ; CRLF => folding

So to compare the two:

1342 says to ignore a single SPACE following an encoded word.  

1522 says to ignore any linear-white-space separating a pair 
of encoded-words.

Keith Moore

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