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Re: transfer-encodings on subtypes of "message"

1995-06-05 15:12:27
I am convinced by JGM's argument that if subtypes of "message"
can choose to allow or to disallow "base64" or "quoted-printable"
encoding in the subtype definition, deploying the 8BITMIME SMTP
extension will be impossible, because of the difficulty in deciding
what to do when encountering an unknown message/* subtype with
8bit data.

I am also close to the conclusion that ANY message/* type that
contains non-7bit data and is not a Message/RFC822 with a
MIME-Version: header will make it impossible to communicate
successfully through an 8-to-7 bit gateway, but I'm willing to
be convinced otherwise on that point. (Just tell me how!)

If the latter is true, should we go whole hog and say that ALL
subtypes of MESSAGE, except for message/rfc822 with MIME headers,
MUST have c-t-e 7bit???????

             Harald A

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