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Re: 3xx reply

1995-06-14 06:04:09
dee @ ("Donald E. Eastlake") writes:
This is really an RFC 821 question, but can anyone tell me what
typical SMTP clients do if they get a 3xx reply after a MAIL or RCPT

RFC 821 says this is an "error" as opposed to a "failure" but do they
(1) abort the whole conversation, (2) give up on that piece of mail,
or (3) (for RCPT) just treat it like a failure and go on to the next
recipient, or (4) something else I haven't though of?

I'd appreaciate any info on this.


The following excerpt from rfc1123 briefly mentions "interoperability problems 
have arisen" but I didn't see anything that describes a required "action" for 
this occurrence. I also didn't see where (in rfc821) a 3xx reply was 
categorized as an "error" as opposed to a "failure" but only general guidelines 
that receivers must adhere to the listed reply codes. This is an interesting 
question that I am also looking for additional clarification.  

 5.2.10  SMTP Replies:  RFC-821 Section 4.2

         A receiver-SMTP SHOULD send only the reply codes listed in
         section 4.2.2 of RFC-821 or in this document.  A receiver-SMTP
         SHOULD use the text shown in examples in RFC-821 whenever

         A sender-SMTP MUST determine its actions only by the reply
         code, not by the text (except for 251 and 551 replies); any
         text, including no text at all, must be acceptable.  The space
         (blank) following the reply code is considered part of the
         text.  Whenever possible, a sender-SMTP SHOULD test only the
         first digit of the reply code, as specified in Appendix E of

              Interoperability problems have arisen with SMTP systems
              using reply codes that are not listed explicitly in RFC-
              821 Section 4.3 but are legal according to the theory of
              reply codes explained in Appendix E.

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