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EDI X.400/MIME conversions

1995-07-10 04:58:10

I have been looking at the issues involved in enhancing a MIME/X.400
gateway to do conversions between

MIME and X.435 (X.435 is MHS:Electronic Data Interchange Messaging System, i.e
                EDI over X.400 P1)

There are various possibilities for the MIME side, as described in
RFC 1767 (application/EDIFACT, applicaton/EDI-X12 or application/EDI-Consent)
So in this case EDI-Consent could be the BER encoded X.435 message with
no conversion as such, or conversion could be done to EDIFACT, X.12 etc.

The question I have for these mail lists is if anyone knows of any work
being done (or already done) in this area, i.e. specifying conversion
between X.435 other EDI formats, or X.435 and MIME ?

Also are there other mail lists that I should be asking on ?

thanks for your help
Ruth Moulton
Ruth Moulton                 ruth(_at_)muswell(_dot_)demon(_dot_)co(_dot_)uk
65 Tetherdown, London N10 1NH, UK.   Tel:  +44 181 883 5823

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