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ietf-822(_at_)list(_dot_)cren(_dot_)net ready to use

1995-08-16 15:31:07
  The new ietf-822(_at_)list(_dot_)cren(_dot_)net list is now fully populated, 
with a few
initial errors corrected, and ready to use.  (In fact, it's already been
  All mailings to ietf-822(_at_)dimacs(_dot_)rutgers(_dot_)edu are being 
forwarded to
ietf-822(_at_)list(_dot_)cren(_dot_)net, but you'll save Rutgers a little load 
if you'll
send your messages directly to the new ietf-822(_at_)list(_dot_)cren(_dot_)net 
  All archives have been transferred.  They are available on the Web from (click "ListProcessor", then "Archives", then
"ietf-822", which is momentarily way down at the bottom of the list of
archives; or go directly to URL
gopher:// if you prefer).
  Via Gopher, the archives are at (  Click
on "Mailing List Archives".  Via anonymous ftp to, they're in
/archives/ietf-822/.  New archives will be generated by month, but we'll
probably leave the old ones the way they are.
  The archives will soon be indexed for searching.


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