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Re: Content-Canonicalization: crlf?

1995-12-12 09:17:19
Did we ever get rid of the last of the DEC-20 processors, or do we still
have some of those beasten on the net? ;)

Nope, there are still some out there. And don't forget the DEC-10 clones which
the last I heard are still being *built* and *deployed* at some sites,
specifically targeted for networking.

After all, how could you not love a machine with 36 bit words, arbitrary byte
sizes, a JUMP instruction that actually a no-op, a JFCL instruction that's
allegedly the fastest no-op, and the wonderful TDCN (test direct complement and
skip if the result is non-zero) op-code that gives you a way to swap two bits
in a word in just three instructions?